Hike up a ridgeline through aspens and pines to a view over Canyons Resort.


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Rob’s Trail begins from a small roadside parking area on Bear Hollow Drive, near the Utah Olympic Park.

It enters the forest and heads uphill immediately, climbing through a few sunny patches, but mostly staying in the shady forest on its way to the ridge crest.

The aspen trees become taller and denser near the top, which makes an especially colorful spectacle in fall.

For the first 0.8 miles you may have to contend with downhill mountain bikers, but after Rob’s trail takes a sharp right to veer away from Rosebud’s Heaven Trail and follow the ridge crest, it is uphill only for bikes.

It is then more pleasant for hiking because bikers go slowly.

This portion of the trail is less steep as well, as it traverses the forested slope just north of the crest. Eventually, Rob’s Trail meets the saddle between this ridgeline and the next, where it crosses from the north to south aspect of the ridge.

Suddenly the forest gives way to scrubby meadows and great views over the Canyons area of Park City Resort.

Rob’s Trail ends at the junction with Ambush trail after just over 2 miles from the trailhead.

You can either turn around there or continue on Ambush to link up with other trails and higher viewpoints on the mountain. Sources: https://www.stayparkcity.com/blog/top-park-city-hikes/ http://map.mountaintrails.org/