Funnel is a Crested Butte classic that marks the western-most terrain at CBMR. The steep chute "funnels" you between some trees and big rocks before it merges with Banana.









Funnel is the last terrain available to skiers on the West Side of Crested Butte.

It is accessed via the traverse to Flatiron and Banana, looking for the double black diamond trail marker for Funnel.

It can be great afternoon corn-skiing or deep powder if you're lucky.

When you have reached Funnel there will be no more terrain available to you past the rope line on your left.

The skier's left of the run along the rope line is known as its own run to the locals as Sunset Ridge.

The main gut of the run is a big, long chute that gets narrower as it passes a big rock feature on your right about two thirds of the way down known as Deep Throat.

The trail widens a little bit as the terrain opens up.

You can take a sharp right under the bottom of Total Recall to get on a last chance traverse to Aspen Park Road, or continue down through big bushes where the rope line will take you through some trees towards Hockey Rink and the Banana Exit.