Cliffs on a Black Diamond


Analysing terrain data








A great Black Diamond run, but lets be honest...

You're here for the cliffs.

Take the Standish Express and enjoy the vista of Lookout Mountain (8954 ft) to your left and Twin Carin (8354 ft) to your right.

Unload off the Chair and past the Alberta/BC Boarder monument.

Wrap around and head straight toward the Black Diamond and Avalanche Signs.

This is Avalanche Terrain, so best to have a partner and the gear.

Dip in the gate and take in the run.

To your immediate right is the main Headwall cliff that you will recognize from many SSV brochures.

It's not a big cliff, but you should be committed for about 15 ft.

To your left, heading toward Garbage chutes is a less obvious cliff band.

Once you get this area dialed you can easily send 30 footers into blower pow, in the right conditions.

The Headwall funnels out to the Dell Valley and back the upper village or head slight left for seconds.

It's local hangout on a good day.