An excellent alternative descent after summiting the Pointe Ronde where you can totally open up.


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



Head to the Hotel de la Forclaz and park in the hotel car park.

From there, head to where the road bends and you'll see the trail head.

The skin track traverses down and around initially before you start ascending through a narrow forest path.

Depending on the conditions, this path can get very icy and since it is quite steep you may need ski crampons.

Follow the natural path up and around the ridge the grows out from the larger summit ridge looking right at your objectives.

There's plenty of lines to pick out to both the right and the left of Pointe Ronde.

The lines to the skiers right are accessible by hiking across a narrow ridge so may not suit all tastes.

Continue up following the forest line to your right all the way up the gully where you then begin your approach to the summit.

From there, it's a pretty gentle yet consistent skin to the summit.

Make sure you boot up the extra couple of metres to bag your summit before transitioning and picking your line. This route takes you back down the ridge to drop in to a face that's amazingly fun to ride.

In good conditions, the lines down from the north face would also be an option but if there has been no snow then they look uninviting (unless you like making sketchy turns). Skiing down is easy and you can pick several lines depending on where the snow is good.

Make sure you don't miss the skin track back to the car or you will end up in La Caffe and it's a 45 minute walk back to the hotel.

Hitching is always an open if you can get back up to the main road.