A remote, challenging extension to the more popular loops at El Corte de Madera









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This route serves as an optional extension to the more common loops found at El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space.

Dubbed the “Outer Reaches” for lack of a better term, not only are these trails much more remote and less-defined than their cousins to the north, but you’ll also find the most technical trails in the network here.

Specifically, this route includes the South Leaf Trail, Virginia Mill Trail, Lawrence Creek Trail, Blue Blossom Trail, and Spring Board Trail. Where the more commonly-ridden trails consist of wide, flowing singletrack, the trails here are much narrower and less-maintained.

Tight singletrack plunging through mud pits, traversing endless root webs, and dropping into rock gardens that have more in common with a dried-up waterfall than mountain bike trails is par for the course.

Add in some serious sideslope with not-insignificant exposure, and these trails are definitely not for the faint of heart! That said, those riders who do venture to El Corte de Madera’s outer reaches will experience a mountain bike adventure filled with challenge and daring that few Bay Area riders can claim!