One of the classic off piste runs in the Alagna area giving access to many other lines, with a long descent on wide slopes in an isolated environment.









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With wide slopes and infinite variations for different levels of skier, La Balma is reinstated as a classic off-piste descent after spending the last 40 years in use as a piste.

The highest part of the valley can be dangerous after snowfall and during high winds.

Now that the old lift (Basket Lift) is closed, the route reaches Alagna following the beautiful valley of Bors with the final section through the woods (for snowboarders it would be ideal to have the track already put in here or expect a long walk!) From the arrival of the cable car (Funifor Indren) traverse to the right heading east for five minutes to reach the arrival of the old Punta Indren cable car station.

Go up behind it to reach the Bors side.

A diagonal slope leads to the wide valley.

From here it is possible to ski straight in to a beautiful gully below the old cable car and arrive at the bottom of a large flat area.

Alternatively, keep the slope on your right side and traverse in to a narrow couloir that leads to the slopes coming down from the Stolemberg.

At the bottom, gain speed to traverse the big flat area and then traverse again to the left of an innocent looking hill (beware of avalanches after snowfalls here).

After a short ascent you reach a flat area - keep to the right because the left side of the slope ends in rocks and cliffs.

After another short flat section enter the slope that once bordered the ski tow.

Go down the slope to the starting point of the old cable car station and follow the wide valley below, staying on the left bank in the narrowest section (there is a high risk of avalanches in the spring time here, so keep moving!) Once you reach the bridge on the torrent Bors at the bottom of the slope, continue down the wide Sesia valley (in the case of no snow, there is narrow path with steps) to the Pastore hut.

From here traverse the covered bridge before the hut on the left side and climb up for five minutes to the path (be careful in low snow years as this can be icy!) Follow the path to reach the road to St.


If the road is completely covered in snow it is possible to ski on the side, otherwise it's advisable to use the taxi service to Alagna.