A testing start sets the scene for an enjoyable and varied run.


Analysing terrain data








The first trick with this run is to go as fast as you can from when you get off the lift.

Make sure the coast is clear then tuck up and go.

If you don’t, then you’ll probably end up walking a little as there’s an uphill section just around the corner that isn't obvious from above.

If you’re unsure how fast to go then watch other skiers go first to see how much speed you need.

Other than this section, the run is fairly straightforward with one section that is steep for a blue run.

If you don’t fancy the look of it you can always bear right on the path (Tétras) which leads you back to the same place as the end of this run.

There's a really enjoyable off-piste gulley that forms a natural half pipe with steep sides to the left of the piste.

Just follow under the Yret chairlift to find it.