A gentle piste in a sun-drenched alpine bowl.


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Just like its sister run, Grand Serre to the other side of the Replat and the Grand Alpe button lifts, this wide, gentle green run is a great place to iron out those left over snowploughs and get the parallel turns feeling more comfortable.

This run has a steeper end section to it than Grand Serre so it is marginally more difficult.

As with Grand Serre it is a shame that once you feel confident on this run, the only way down the mountain from here is on a blue run (Vallons) or a narrow green run (Trois Croix) that you have to walk up 100 metres or so to get to.

On Fridays be aware that the ESF (French ski school) effectively takes over this piste - you'll be able to tell by the flags and cones all over the slope and the long queues of nervous looking kids waiting to take their ski tests.