A nicely spaced steeper tree run









Mayo's is a little steeper than Kurt's, and the trees are better spaced.

However, there is no main alley, as with Kurt's.

One has to ski around many trees as they navigate the steeper section that drops down to Pierre's Road.

You then have to take the Road all the way back to Pierre's chair or the base area.

It holds good powder piles late in the day because it doesn't get skied that much, except maybe on the weekends.

It is a great black diamond for a beginner.

One can ski Baby Bear, Emigrant, Kurt's, then Mayo's as they ramp up their skill level off the groomers.

This run is a great one to take when coming back from Schlasman's area.

Beware of stumps, logs, rocks, and bushes, especially early season.

Mayo's doesn't get as sun baked in the late season like Kurt's and Emigrant because of the shade provided by the trees.