An enjoyable hike overlooking LA which leads to a legendary landmark


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The Hollywood Sign is one of the most famous and most popular hiking destinations in Los Angeles.

While this iconic landmark features prominently in movies, media, and pop culture worldwide, if you hike to the sign itself you'll gain incredible views over Hollywood directly below you, Los Angeles beyond that, Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean, and the San Gabriel mountains. The hike is enjoyable without being too strenuous and begins at the Charlie Turner Trailhead.

Pet and child friendly in elevation changes and trail maintenance; be mindful of the trail length.

Make sure to bring water - the LA sun is gorgeous but can be brutal! This hike is possible all year round but you will need an extraordinary tolerance for heat if you do it in the height of summer! Before starting the trail, check out the beautiful Observatory with a grand view over LA.

Along the way you'll find various outlook points towards the Hollywood sign, making for an iconic view and a pretty great selfie.

The trail is quite beloved, so while you can have some minutes of solitude, rarely will you go 30 minutes without another hiker passing by.

Getting there: You can park at the Griffith Observatory for a fee.

Alternatively, you can try to find free parking streetside leading up to the observatory, or take the DASH observatory bus from the city, which runs every day of the week.