Host to freeride competitions in the early 2000s - a short walk with an almost certain guarantee of cold snow!









FATMAP difficulty grade



From the Col de la Loze (accessed via Dou des Lanches or Loze chairlifts) walk or skin up the right hand ridge to the top of the Rocher de la Loze - with good snow and a bit of cunning it is possible to skin the whole way, though often it is easier to boot-pack (and there is normally a good track in place a few days after any snowfall).

From the first summit drop down between the two peaks and continue the few metres up to the main summit - a great viewpoint for lines below the Croix des Verdons.

Traverse on the sunny side to either the first (narrower and steeper) or second (easier) obvious entry to the face - just before a rocky knoll on the ridge.

(There is a third entrance just before an obvious Catex pylon on the ridge).

Now let rip and pretend you are on a pair of 200cm AK Rockets or AK Launchers! *Note* There is a cliff band running right across the face in the bottom third - inspection of the face from below is highly recommended so you can select the best passage through this (or so you can choose the best launch pad to send yourself into orbit from!) - there are normally options hard skier's left, hard skier's right and also slightly right of centre... Carry a bit of speed off the bottom of the face if you want to minimise the push to get back to the piste!