Must-do side trip to one of the finest spots in the Grand Canyon.


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In terms of effort to views ratio, I cannot think of many better hikes in the country.

The trip to Plateau Point presents one of the finest views of the Grand Canyon, and it should not be missed for anyone hiking in the area.

This route features panoramic views the entire way and concludes with an incredible viewpoint of the Colorado river below.

Standing directly above the Colorado is a surreal feeling—just be wary of the exposure! Even though this route is relatively short, it should not be rushed.

Depending on the time of day you arrive at Indian Garden, it is an awesome spot for either sunrise or sunset.

This is also a popular side trip for day hikers on the Bright Angel trail.

No matter the time of day you visit, you cannot go wrong.

The route departs the Indian Garden campground to arrive at a junction with the Tonto trail—another fantastic trail.

Veer to the right and then follow a clear trail all the way up to the edge of the Tonto platform.

Depending on the time of year, the weather may play a role in navigating the trail.

I have completed this route in both winter and spring.

If you visit in the winter, getting to see the Canyon painted in snow is incredible.

Note, the Tonto Platform rarely gets snow, but it is always possible.

Once at Plateau Point, just take it all in.

Be careful of the steep drop-offs below.

This is a marvelous spot to have a picnic, read a book, etc.

Once ready, retrace your steps back to the Indian Garden campground.

You will already be looking forward to your next visit to Plateau Point!