Don't be fooled by the easy entrance, this is a mogul field...not for the feint-hearted!









Jumping off the Bellecombes chairlift you have many choices, with the Bellecombes 6 (grand couloir) being one of the most challenging runs on the mountain.

This beaut of a run warms you up with an easy entrance off from the blue below the lift, winding through the rocks...use this section to ensure you are warm before the main section of the run.

If you want to enjoy some soft stuff on the edge of the meandering top section, check your lines from the chairlift on the way up to avoid any rocks that may be showing.

This section ends with a sweeping left turn under the lift, before rounding to the right and opening up to the reason why this is a black run...a steep slope that is rarely pisted, allowing it to grow into a natural mogul field, enjoy! Get your rhythm and go for it, making sure that if you stop you head to the edge to avoid anyone unlucky enough to have lost their footing and are taking a less dignified method to the bottom. Once you have dealt with the moguls you join a green to take you back Bellecombe and hit that run again! Beware, when this run is closed it can be due to avalanche risk as there is a steep face above the final decent.