Grand-slam of the best of Koblenz Loop.









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The city forest is a fantastic way to let off steam, and this route provides an awesome trip through the beautiful area of the Koblenzer Stadtwald.

This route takes you from the outskirts of the city and deep into the beautiful, tranquil forest on some of the most amazing singletrack that the area has to offer.

The downhill trails will justify your reasons for loving this sport: they are incredibly fun, challenging at times, and are guaranteed to put a big smile on your face. The city forest lies directly between the Rhine and Moselle—the iconic German river and its tributary.

At multiple times during this route when you pop out of the trees, and when the weather is fine, you will have a great view of the Moselle, the city, or the Rhine.

You will ride on unspoilt, rugged singletrack trails, a fishing path that ends directly on the banks of the Moselle, fast and flowing built trails, and a fantastic jump track.

The "Jumpline" trail within this route is a kind of "mini-dirt jump line"—a crazy fun jump trail which you will want to ride again.

All the jumps and drops have ride-around options, so beginners can have fun here along with the experts You can often bump into the developers of Canyon bikes testing the latest rigs on these trails, as Koblenz is the home of the Canyon Bicycles headquarters.

This route really does showcase the best of this great German mountain biking location.