An easy access steep line above Val Thorens.


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A fun steep line which is easily accessed with a short skin starting from the top of the Pionniers or Plein Sud chairlifts - a good option for an evening ski after you leave the VIP section of the Folie Douce?? (or maybe not!).

The line described is for an ‘up and over’ trip, but it is also possible to access the couloir from the Vires red piste coming from the Funitel Péclet, for an ‘up and down’ approach.

The couloir faces South East so in spring snow conditions timing will be crucial to ski this with good snow underfoot. From the Pionniers/Plein Sud top stations skin up East into the bowl below the Pointe du Borgne and Mont du Borgne (while offering a silent thank you that the lift company haven’t been granted permission to put a lift up here (yet)).

At about 2850m turn right onto the steeper slopes leading to a col just to the East of the summit of the Pointe du Borgne - these should be ‘skinnable’ in good conditions (35 to 40 degrees), but the last 100m may need to be done on foot.

From the col work your way carefully along the ridge to find the top of the couloir dropping down and left as you look Val Thorens side of the ridge.

This is short but steep - between 45 and 50º for 200m - and a great training ground for bigger, badder projects.

That said, it's still a serious line and should be treated with plenty of respect.

The exit of the couloir takes you back to the pistes down into Val Thorens.