A short hike to a lovely box canyon.


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This hike is not listed as an “official” trail, but is well-known and easy to find.

At only 2.8 miles roundtrip, it is an excellent choice for those who want to get off the beaten track.

It is also a good option for kids, with plenty of slickrock, dry washes, and even a rock ledge to make the trek feel adventurous! Starting from the Devils Kitchen trailhead, hike about 1/4-mile to a trail junction.

To the right is Devils Kitchen; take the left to Old Gordon Trail and ultimately to Echo Canyon. The left branch continues descending into a dry stream bed, then climbs slickrock to the Old Gordon/Echo Canyon split.

Take the left option, descending on more slickrock toward Echo Canyon. The trail becomes a bit closed in with brush, which gives the trek a bit more of an “out there” vibe.

The route becomes more dramatic-looking as the canyon walls get closer, with a fun little stretch of rock ledge to travel on. Because the trail follows a narrow canyon, there is no way to get lost, but there will be options along the way when obstacles appear.

Most have faint “social trails” that others have created as go-arounds. There is no question as to where the trail ends; the box canyon is closed in by a high, dry waterfall.

This is a beautiful place to spend a bit of time exploring and perhaps doing some minor scrambling before heading back to the trailhead.

Go ahead and give a shout to see if there really is an echo in Echo Canyon! On the return trip, be sure to stop and gaze at the gorgeous views of the valley sprawled out below.

If you time the trek just so, watching the sun sink into the valley is spectacular. The trailhead is less than 1/4-mile past the Monument's East Entrance, just outside Grand Junction on Rimrock Drive.

This trailhead also provides access to No Thoroughfare Canyon Trail, Devils Kitchen and Old Gordon Trail with Serpents Trail across the road.