Two different ways to ski this run.


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Broken Heart, this run is to right off of Lone Tree lift, start by skiing towards the snowfences then stay center left.

This is a great run for new or first black skiers to hone in on their skills.

It is short and usually a few bumps here and there.

The first couple turns are the most challenging for new black skiers, but once they are going it gets better! Ski this until you hit the cat-track, once there you can head back to the Lone Tree lift or continue on through the trees on Broken heart’s lower more bumped out section.

Would not recommend unseasoned bump skiers on this section, the top are wide nicely spaced trees on a low angle slope, but he run increases in pitch dramatically and in bump size! This is a super run on any day if you want to ski bumps and especially nice on a powder day.

You will finish at Six-Shooter Lift.