A beautiful forest trail with lots of challenging fun.


2 - 3









FATMAP difficulty grade



This fantastic loop starts from the banks of the beautiful and famous Rhine river and meanders through the dense, lush forest.

This is one of the top areas to ride whilst in and around Koblenz. This route includes the fun, challenging, and technical Keitenberg Trail.

Riders with advanced ability will very much enjoy this trail.

Beginners would be best advised to proceed with caution and be prepared to either push your bike or dismount for some of the trail features. Do not be deceived by this route, in that the highest altitude gained is only 350m: there is plenty of undulation with some short, punchy climbs that will really get your heart beating and your lungs hurting. Once in the forest, the singletrack truly begins, and you will be treated to some fast, technical descents with trail features like log drops, sketchy chutes, and plenty of roots to keep you entertained and focused. Once you've climbed up the hillside, there are many opportunities for a great view over the forests and rolling hills to the river and across the town.

Make sure you take some time to fully enjoy the views. Although you may encounter some walkers during this route, generally the trails are very quiet—you'll probably have them all to yourself.