Some of the most intense in bounds skiing in America!









North Summit Snowfield, like the Big Couloir it is some of the most intense in bounds skiing in America, exposed, rocky and steep this run can be magical or horrendous due to the exposure.

This run though controlled often feels untamed and wild, and you should ski it like it is, because though not in the backcountry it pretty much is if something were to go wrong.

Generally this run is fantastic, because of the north facing aspect the snow stays pretty consistent, however, it can be very firm from wind effect.

To ski this you need to check in with patrol in the shack, avalanche gear is not required, but recommended and you need a group of four, if you don’t have a full group there are people coming in and out patrol will lump you with.

When patrol gives you the go, head out and go through the gate skiers left of the shack, you will ski a rocky firm traverse on the north facing side.

Once you see a sign and it points to the Big Couloir right North Summit Snowfield left, drop through the gate and you will be standing on a ridge line looking down into a massive snowfield.

Ski this one at a time, if you have not skied it before it can be hard to tell where to stop, make sure to ask patrol, because depending on what is open will depend on where you stop, but traverse left at the bottom out of the slide path and wait for the whole group there.

A chance to ski this run is a must! Note: If you want to ski this run consider getting aa guide, they will be able to help coach you as well as tell you whether or not you are ready for it.

They also provide all of the avalanche gear if you don’t own any and don’t feel like spending to eh extra money to obtain it.