The premier tour on the west side of Mount Washington.


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Ammonoosuc Ravine is some of the most open terrain in the Presidential Range, similar to what you'd find in the greater ranges.

The approach is far easier than other ravines in this range, but it doesn't come without it's challenges.

Park at the Cog Railway (you will need to pay on the way in).

Take Ammonoosuc Link to Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.

Follow this nearly flat trail until you see a large break in the trees, offering a view of Ammo.

From here, begin ascending through the brush until you reach a split with two drainages.

Left brings you into the North Branch, which has a narrow gully, this route is often plagued by ice bulges and rarely fills in enough to be worth the effort, for more open terrain, split to the right.

The South Branch all drains into one gully, so expect a fair amount of open, flowing water.

This will make skinning up rather difficult, and create a serious terrain trap in the event of a slide.

The South Branch has two options, Central Gully, a wide chute straight down the middle, and South Gully.

South Gully is an expansive bowl, which funnels into a single drainage.

From here, it is necessary to transition to bootpacking.

The skiing is often spectacular when hit right, offering open, scenic terrain perfect for big GS turns.