One of the great skitours on Kågen, with a variety of terrain


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



The route starts right on the road.

Usually there is a parking spot cleaned from the snow.

Head up straight towards Trolldalen, the impressive valley surrounded by steep walls ahead of you.

Work your way up Trolldalen until it steepens at the end.

There are three slopes leading up - the left (drawn) or middle one work.

Which one is easier depends on snow drift during the season.

You soon arrive at a small lake, usually covered by snow until summer.

To your left is a steep (35°) slope - head up, and continue on through a wide bowl to the base of the small glacier below Storsandnestinden.

The glacier gets gradually steeper (35°) towards the ridge - often the snow at the end is hard, expect to boot-pack.

A wide summit plateau takes you to the summit.

There is a sharp drop to your right and cornices - stay well away from the edge! The summit rewards you with excellent views to the sea and surrounding summit of Kågen, Arnøya and the Lyngen Alps.

To ski down, follow the same route initially.

You can ski down the way you came (that is the standard thing to do), but it offers little in terms of fall-line skiing.

Instead, towards the end of the steep glacier pitch, cut hard left and traverse under the north face of Storsandnestiden.

Wrap around until you end up in a nice wide bowl.

East-facing, it usually holds good snow, and gives you nice fall-line skiing back through Trolldalen.

Pick your line on the middle section, several options exist.

When skiing out, stay on the right side.

When you exit Trolldalen, ski right, pushing with poles.

This rewards you with a fun extra pitch of skiing.

At the bottom, a bridge takes you back to the parking.

There is not crevasses hazard during the ski touring season.

The route requires stable conditions, as some sections at or over 35° need to be tackled.

This is a route with a lot of variety in terrain and is really recommended.