A fun steep bowl









Cornice Bowl is groomed sometimes.

The upper section has a double fall line.

From the top of Headwall, make the 180 degree left turn and head down the ridge, bear right past some snow fencing, making sure to not head down the chair line to the Headwall Face.

You will see the old Cornice II chair top station on your left as you head down.

Take the next left turn on a road to access the bowl.

Don't bear right down towards the Bullet.

You will have a flat spot to check out the run at the top at the end of the road.

Cornice bowl is a fun upper section that leads to a great, wide fall line run down to the flats below.

It's a good warm up if you want to head to the Horse Trails or the Slot afterwards as you can scope out your next run.

At the bottom carry your speed over the ridge just before the final pitch to the Mountain run or head right and merge with the Horse Trails run in order to not have to push uphill if you went too slow.

Don't bear right off the top unless you want to end up in an area with large rocks and cliffs.