A great trail ground right on the outskirts of the town.









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A great trail system right on the outskirts of the town—who doesn't want that?! You'll find exactly that in Brilon.

There are three singletrack laps between 7 and 17 km that start almost directly on the edge of town.

This route details the longest and all-encompassing trail of that offered at this trail ground.

This is the full red route, which takes in their green, blue, and red trails.

The route offers fun for everyone and a scenic experience, with stunning views over the Sauerland and the Brilon plateau.

The harder-graded trails of Hängeberg, Bilstein, and Plattenberg are not only suitable for experts—intermediate riders can enjoy them too, since the riding enjoyment takes precedence over technical challenges in this trail system.

Moderate climbs and smooth runs are the hallmarks of the network, with some steep uphill and downhill passages.

On many sections, berms, drops and small kickers add to the fun.

The difficulty in Brilon TrailGround increases with speed.

All the downhill sections are singletrack, with some easy roots and small rocks, and some fun, fast berms.

The transitions between the downhill bits or most of the climbs (which really aren't hard, long, or steep at all) are on doubletrack.

Some climbs are singletrack with zigzags up.

There is a short section in the middle, between the two forest areas, that is on tarmac which you do both ways.