Varied with a intial flat track passing into challenging then gentle tree-lined blue.


Analysing terrain data








From the Chalet d'Clair in Morillon at the top of the Sairon chair, ensure that the restaurant is directly behind you then keep as far left as is possible without going up hill.

This way it is impossible to miss (even in bad visibility) the Biollaires to Les Carroz.

It is a question of crossing the wide open end of the l'Arête piste, or turning hard left when at the end of the piste at the Tête de Sairon signpost and map.

The Biollaire then takes a hard left (so take a schuss as early as possible) and edges left round this bend to a long flat poling traverse across the mountain (the Coccinelle and Truffe skiers land on this track from the left).

A sweeping bend to the right and the Biollaire links up to the end of the Cupoire/Gron Boarder Cross course, toboggans down a couple of narrowing, south facing steep sections and swings to the right (after kissing the Cupoire to its left, as a straight on would take you on to the Cupoire, but there's often netting across here, which forces you to stay right).

Then continue on this beautifully groomed, continually sweeping and ultimately straight line piste through the trees.

Arriving with a bump onto the Combe and by the Gron chairlift.

A fabulous and varied run!