A slice of real free ride, make for an intense morning or a great day trip for experienced skiers and snowboarders.


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This route is perfect if you want a well-rounded off-piste experience.

This route provides an intense, physically demanding but satisfying climb up and a challenging descent.

This run can only be accessed at the start of the day when the lifts open.

Take the Leisse chair, following Blue 15 down to Couis 2, then simply follow the short connection that runs directly behind the chair lift.

Take Red 17 down to the Grimondet chairlift.

When you arrive at the top of the Grimondet chair lift you will see a higher peak above, slightly to the left.

This is your spot to aim for when beginning your hike.

The terrain will require skins and it is not a route that is easily boot packed.

The snow can be deep and soft at times, however with skins this is a perfectly enjoyable route.

At a steady speed this would take between 2-3 hours.

The climb should provide you with plenty of incredible photo opportunities.

This area is rather exposed, so ensure you are keeping a keen eye on your surroundings and that you take regular team breaks to regroup.

It is worth taking your climbing equipment also as on fresh snow days, it is an advisable safety addition.

Later on in the season and the snow begins to warm I would also recommend taking your climbing equipment.

(Harness with 30-40m belay rope would be sufficient).

Ensure you have crampons as a precautionary measure for the top section.

When you reach the peak, over the other side of the hill you will be greeted with a wonderful view into the valley.

Then for your descent it is recommended to follow your climbing trail.

The route will be steep in spots but a nice varied run down.

There are opportunities for a few small drops, other wise you can enjoy the off piste.

The skiing will be steep but fun for an experienced group.