Lots of diversity and fun skiing in this area at the base of Palmyra Basin


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Sweet Martha is a black diamond area beneath Gold Hill Chutes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and Palmyra Basin.

You can access Sweet Martha by skiing any of the Gold Hill Chutes listed previously and by skiing any of the lines off of Palmyra.

Here in Sweet Martha you can ski a variety of different lines like lines in the trees, cliff lines and lines in the powder fields.

It is important to take caution with the cliffs, there are small, medium and large cliffs in this area and you can easily get cliffed out if you do not know where you're going (the cliffs are not marked and are not roped off!).

This run is marked as a black diamond but in sections it could easily be marked as extreme terrain.

The snow in Sweet Martha is usually always good.

This is a great area for skier's looking to explore fun terrain with great snow.