A wonderful training area for working on getting rid of that snowplough.


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Nestled in a sun-drenched bowl, this wide and gentle piste, along with its partner in crime (Grand Alpe) to the other side of the Replat and Grand Alpe button lifts, may be short but it is the ideal place for those who want to focus on getting rid of that snowplough and move towards confident parallel turns.

After a few successful runs, treat yourself to a drink on the terrace of the Grand Alpe restaurant at the bottom of the run before heading back out for more.

The only disadvantage of this run is that, to get down the mountain, you have to take the bottom section of the blue run (Vallons) or walk a hundred metres or so to reach the Trois Croix green run.

For kids or the young at heart there is a wonderful natural halfpipe just to the right of the piste.