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"## 1st day Hone - Lilac From Hone you go up the regional road to Champorcher (hamlet Castello) for 17km well pedaled on constant slopes, from the village center turn right following the signs for Dondena, on asphalt until shortly after Grand Mont Blanc, then fast dirt road.

From Dondena, after crossing the river, continue to the Rifugio Dondena (2150m), always on a dirt road with steep slopes, and then right on the road that leads to the lake and the Rifugio Miserin (some very uneven stretch to be done by pushing).

Follow it up to about 2550m and then turn right over meadows and traces of a path that can always be pedaled up to the crossroads of the high road n°2 that you follow up to the Fenetre di Champorcher (2827m) - that can be pedalled up to about 2600m then only by pushing for half an hour on the left orographic side of the old mule track.

From the hill go down on the path of 'high way - 90% cycleability - to the Refuge Sogno, where you take the dirt road that leads to the plain at q.


After a short ascent, always follow the fast farm (possibility of cutting a few hairpin bends) to Lillaz, the last stretch on asphalt with a short ascent to Les Goilles (1850m). ##2nddd.

Lilac-Chatillon From Lillaz pass on the left orographic side of the valley and follow the dirt road (pedestrian forbidden to bikes in July-August) that leads to the roundabout for Gimillan (1800m) that can be reached by asphalt road.

At the far right of the village starts the path n°8 for the Grauson valley, cross it and take the steep dirt road that goes up after a wooden bridge and that rejoins the path a little higher up.

Continue along the increasingly steep dirt road until it forces you to push your bike to reach a meadow on the flat with the track of the road that goes down for 30-40m in the valley of Grauson until you meet a bike path that follows left with a few ups and downs to a bridge where shortly after ends the bike path 'of 100% (2000m about).

Shoulder/pushing the bike to rejoin the main path that you follow up to Alpe Grauson vecchi (2300m), 40-50% bike path with attention to the crossroads above the gorge.

Continue with beautiful stretches of cycle track to the crossroads for Colle di Saint Marcel, turn left and always alternating stretches of cycling and pushing portage you arrive at Alpe Grauson new (2600m approx.) where you turn right at another junction to reach Lake Corona (2700m).

After a slight downhill stretch, the last 200m of difference in height are faced almost entirely bringing the bike to the Colle di Saint Marcel.

*N.B.: the stretch from 2000m to the hill has a bike path of about 40% uphill, but you climb well pushing or bringing the bike on a good smooth path from the slope never excessive.* From the hill descend into the valley of Saint Marcel along the path interval 102 to a junction at about 2600m where you leave it and turn left taking a little 'bike (70m difference in altitude) to reach the large house of Gran Chaux (2370m) where you take the farm that leads to Les Druges.

At about 1750m, turn left onto a dirt road in the woods following the signs for Eau Verte (Acqua Verde).

This dirt road leads to the Sanctuary of Plout (970m) where you meet the asphalt road that climbs from Saint Marcel, follow it for a few hairpin bends until on the right a sign indicates Fenis that you can quickly reach always downhill on asphalt.

From Fenis to Chambave, continue downhill on asphalt until you reach the motorway; just before the motorway, follow the cycle path (Via Francigena) on the right, which, with a slightly winding path, leads to the Chatillon station. ## 3rd day Chatillon - Hone From Chatillon go up the regional road of Cervinia to Antey Saint Andre' (1030m), turn right to La Magdaleine and, after about 1km left to the hamlet of Herin (about 1400m).

Here take the mule track to La Magdaleine (about 1600m), which alternates stretches of portage with stretches that can be pedalled up to the grassy dirt road that leads to the lower houses of the village.

Go up to the upper part of La Magdaleine where, on the left, you take the road at the beginning paved for Chamois (signs), after a hairpin bend on the right you detach the dirt road on the plateau that in 4.5 km leads to Chamois (1821m).

From the village (near the cable car) go up the service roads of the lifts (steep!!!) to the Sanctuary of Clavalite' (2580m) just above the arrival of the lifts where you follow the signs to Colle di Nana, first with a long cross and then to the 'High Way No.


In all this stretch (about 1h) the bike path is 30%.

From Col di Nana (2773m) you descend towards the Tournalin Refuge (2550m) always on the Alta Via n°1 (cycle path 20-30% with many exposed stretches - be careful!!), at the refuge a fast dirt road leads near the Alpe di Nana inferior (2060m) where you take on the right Ru Curtod on the plateau (attention 2 tunnels, pile needed) and then descend near Mandriou always on dirt road and then to Antagnod on asphalt.

Just below Antagnod, a little before the valley floor, near an open guard rail, take a stony path on the right which, with numerous ups and downs, leads to the Brusson cross-country ski runs which are followed on a flat surface until the exit from the village (1290m) where you take the Val d'Ayas regional road and follow it to Verres.

From Verres to Issogne on the busy state road (cross Dora, motorway and railway), and from Issogne on the right orographic side of Val d' Aosta on the secondary road you return to Hone. "<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._