A spicy, short run with interesting possibilities









There is more than one way to get to, and to use, piste 3.

Form the Ahornbahn, join the 2 first.

Keep right and ski around Bergrestaurant Panorama at your right hand to find it.

Standing at the top of this slope, you get a good chance to study it, before you start.

Yes, it looks very steep, and those trees in the middle are not be hugged.

But you can use the width and flowy shape of the piste to your advantage.

Mostly, it is quiet here, with only few other skiers around, testing the quality their parallel turns.

Another way to reach the 3, is to ski the 3a from the top of the Ebenwald lift first, to the start of the Filzen lift.

From here,the lift will take you back to the top.

Now you can choose either to ski this spicy run again, or to ski towards piste 4.