itinerary the easiest and perhaps the most effective to reach the needle "Méridionale d'Arves". is more direct and less loser than the cornices of the edge SE (equipped by CAF Maurienne).









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##Access From [[waypoints/104601|the little villages of Valfroide]], go up [[waypoints/132273|refugio de Goléon]] and reach Col Lombard by [[routes/49621|vertiente SE]].

The N slope of the Lombard cabbage is inadvisable in summer (steep schist mud). ##Way From Col E del Col Lombard, go up the rocky corridor a little to the left to pass the first ledge.

leave here by a cornice to the right, at the entrance and exit are marked by milestones.

then climb on the S face bordering first the SW edge in tarteras (milestones) to reach the top of a ramp (often a persistent snowboat) at the foot of corridors that leave the lower and upper breccias of the bad pass, to the left of a promontory. at the beginning of the season, the runners are snowed, go up the left one that rises directly to the upper gap.

when the snow disappears, there is a bulge in the last meters (IV+, a python).

better to pull to the right at the level of the white quartz vein to easily reach the lower gap.

Destrepar then 10 m in the face E, to arrive by a count cornice (slab for medium fisurers) the way of the edge SE that goes up to the superior breach (3 points, meetings with chain). From the upper gap, pull a score of meters on the face E to reach the foot of the _[Mauvais Pas]( (1 point, 2 old pythons, nice slab for medium fissure, meetings with chain).

then pass the pass (5c), and continue on the left until a meeting with chain (25 m).

this super-equipped iguel that in room (8 points, and several old pythons).

then remain a long (III, 25 m, tapes in a good block) in a chimney before the ridge becomes flat to become easy up to the summit. ##Descent For the one-way itinerary.

First abseil or dexterity up to the "Mauvais Pas".

(25 m).

in the chain meeting, we can also descend directly to the upper breccia (< 25 m).

there are abseil rings in the 2 breccias, but then it will be necessary to descend in faicl terrain but with medium rock - few places to abseil.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._