Nice ridge course in a very wild setting









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## Approach From the Cascade des 7 Laux car park (1280 m), follow the classic trail to Lac de la Sagne (2061 m).

Go along the lake on its right bank and continue NE towards point 2192 m.

Turn in an arc and pass as best you can (sometimes steep off-path path) to go full W aiming at an altitude of 2250 m.

Cross the Col de l'Homme and barely descend by pouring SW.

Locate the small lake at point 2241 m and follow the 2200 m contour line overall.

A relatively convenient crossing of grass and stones leads to the edge of the hanging valley next to the horse's crest, which is then clearly visible.

Go up to point 2311 m and cross the stony valley to easily reach the ridge line of the Crête du Cheval at an altitude of 2300 m. ##SW - NE crossing Cross a first small gap and then follow the sometimes stiff and tapered wire into a broken rock (passage in 3c exposed).

The ridge then widens.

You can either climb the spur on the left or shunt it on the right.

We then arrive at the level of an impassable gendarme (length in V+ as seen from the nose).

Go around it to the right by taking an exposed turn by pouring E, then by a small crossing and an easy jump (3b) but full throttle, join the wire again. Continue the ridge through a few grassy tiers.

Then follows a short descent then a beautiful rocky length (3b-3c, gneiss of good quality but quite licheenic) to be covered as close as possible to the wire. The rest of the ridge is traversed back and forth since it leads to the top of a gendarme on the left bank of the "Coup de Sabre"".

(very marked breach), with no way out.

This point is not mandatory but is worth a visit.

Climbing is easy, its route is very aerial.

We end up on a pretty rocky sidewalk on a cliff at the bottom of the breach.

However, the direct descent could be made via a 20 m recall to be installed (no equipment in place). Then retrace your steps to cross the ridge slightly below by an exposed but protectable turn on slope W and easily reach the wide corridor W which leads back to the breach.

Either go around the gendarme on the right bank of the Coup de Sabre by steep grassy steps, pouring E, or, more alpine, by a spur (not traversed, 3b?) which detaches itself from the ridge on its W side and then joins it. The last part of the ridge, covered with thin thin slender needles, is more like alpine hiking and can be walked without difficulty to the top of the Crête du Cheval (2601 m). ##Return Go down again by the N on the Col de la Vache (2556 m), return to the Lacs des 7 Laux by a well marked path then follow the path towards the S which leads back to the Cascade des 7 Laux.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._