enter the high mountain environment of this beautiful aerial ridge









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## Access # 2h start from the parking of Chenal, direction the village of Fenil.

then to the plateau of Clou : by the track of landrover in summer, or by the road that passes by the village of Monal.

On reaching the Clou plateau, stay on the landing at the bottom of the plateau to have a view of the Balmes valley, dominated by the precious tongue of the upper glacier of Balmes.

climb the 2<sup>a</sup> plateau by the tongue.

High mountain environment Note: access is possible on mechanical lifts from Sainte-Foy winter station, but it is not possible to return you must leave a car in the car park. [img=893130 right /] ## Itinerary # 8 to 9h 2 possible starts : - Nice line of ice left side: "Le grand voile".

Very nice length 60 m in 5.

Meeting in a fissure right side or with cargol. - Line of ice to the flinal of the tongue of the glacier.

2 lengths of 60 m in 4+/5.

but more exposed to seracs and sun. large snow and ice channel-style ramp, little vertical, 280 m, arrival on large rocks at the foot of the seracs bar.

A length of 50 m, in 5/5+.

according to the evolution of the glacier, crossing extrapalomada in ascent.

Meeting with cargoles (very hard, eternal blue ice). to cross the lower part of the tongue at the beginning of the edge.

very easy start at 3. All other lengths can be made in ensemble (depending on your level), 4c to 5c depending on weather conditions.

Possibility of protection with friends, fissure and tapes. on the edge of the edge.

Shale rock to continue cleaning.

beautiful very aerial steps sharp.

a lot of atmosphere in front of the whole valley on one side, and on the other a huge bar of ice from prehistory. Exit of the big black tooth.

Long the hardest, 6a with future board (equipment in summer 2017).

The rest of the tour ends walking on the edge of the edge in mixed to reach the summit. ## Descent 3 alternatives : - By [[routes/55056|cara N]] from the summit, to go down the edge W of snow on 50 m.

to go down the face N (5.3/E3, 42-45°/800m, steps of 50°).

to notice beforehand before the ascent. - On the SW slope: follow the W ridge up to the pass towards 3200 m (30min).

From there, go down to the bottom of the valley of Balmettes by the snowy slopes.

then go down the grassy or snowy slopes until the track which borders the river of Nant Cruet, which leads to the eponymous village, then to the Chenal. - By [[routes/354178|cravesía de la Pointe des Mines]] Intermediate level descent, which needs to put the skins back on.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._