A fabulously long and varied blue; with some narrow track, some flat and some trees.









The Portet, accessible from the top of the Lac chair in the Vernant Valley, is also accessed via the Dolomie blue from Flaine and the Sortilège coming down from the Tête de Saix.

A long and leisurely blow, it starts with the need to schuss along its initial 100 metres if you don't want to be poling or walking the next 400-500 metres.

A track along the valley floor, it narrows as soon as it gets to the bit where you can't see around the corner, but stays flat and slightly uphill! So as long as you can control your speed be brave and schuss as much as possible initially (but beware of beginners and boarders walking just around the corner).

Opening up into a little play area for a couple of hundred metres slow down to go under the bridge, as many people stop here to survey the piste and to cast around for stones (there is no grass under your skis any more!).

Initially, the piste can be a bit sketchy in places if snow has been short, but it soon widens into a fabulous final 1.5kms through the trees at a constant gentle descent angle which allows you to really enjoy the rest of this piste.

It is worth the poling and the tricky bits for the bliss of the final descent to the Moilliets chairlift.

Also links to the Sarbotte blue which is the direct return to Les Carroz village.

A short hike from the end will take you to the Moilliets restaurant (best to book for lunch).