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## Approach Follow the left bank of the Soulcem pond, cross the Riufret stream, and attack the steep ascent of the left bank of the stream (very steep grassy slopes off the path, itself straight down the slope).

The path gives way to a path that should be followed carefully.

A few red markers and cairns at strategic points.

A first rocky passage leads to a large slope.

We pull to the left by crossing several secondary streams.

Towards the 2200 m level, the oblique path frankly in the ravine that it runs along while overhanging, requiring great attention.

We reach the weir of the Riufret pond.

Go along the lake on the right bank; a few rocky passages flush with the water (no danger) lead to a flat spot. The Riufret valley then consists of several projections.

The first one is on the right bank (to the left of a large waterfall).

The cairns are back on.

Cross the stream, the next jump is on the left bank.

The next one is still on the left bank.

Climbing passage on a wet slab.

Cross to the left at the exit.

Around 2650 m, we are in the upper circus.

Leave the main valley to the right, and go straight up the slope towards Pointe Gabarró (S).

Then cross to the left (a few cairns) to reach the weir of the Etang de Canalbonne (2741 m).

Bypass it by the E while remaining about ten m upstream.

Climb to the Col Franc de Riufret (2919 m) following its left bank instead. ## Track #### Ascent to Gabarró Point At the pass, turn right and easily reach the Ronda de Canalbonne (3004 m).

Go down to a rift.

Then there are several possibilities.

Follow the steep but easy ridge to Gabarró Point (3113 m) at the NW.

Or cross uphill to the left, you can reach Pointe Gabarró by a corridor.

Continuing the crossing we reach the pass between Gabarró Point and the Pique d'Estats. #### Terminal ridge of the Pique d'Estats. Follow the easy ridge at first.

A first red rocky passage is avoided by the left (crack opening on a platform, cairn).

Reach the main edge.

The second jump is bypassed to the right, by a series of stair steps).

The last jump is the most delicate.

Go around it to the left until there is a vague breach.

Then follow the ridge of large rocky outcrops.

The whole is rated II.

Follow the edge which becomes wider and easier. ## Descent By the[routes/288089|Canal de Riufret]].<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._