beautiful cricular long and very wild, with climbs in very good rock









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[img=681119 right]Le Grand Miceau - Arête NE (de Cuchet)[/img] ##Access From the forest road of Étaves (1445 m), take on the left the path "de la Croix Blanche".

(of stitches on the IGN map), well maintained and effective.

The cross can be seen in the distance.

We reach the Cuchet about 1900 m, a stone hut just behind the Croix Blanche.

Go up the alpages in the direction of the NE extremity of the Cuchet ridge.

many starting alternatives.

the more rocky the march, the better.

the less vegetation, the better to border the base of the ridge towards the S over 200-300 m and to notice a detached corridor made up of compact slabs interspersed with grassy slopes (start at 2050 m, see illustration). ##Arista NE (de Cuchet) Follow the uphill ridge still with pines on its edge (some III air pass).

It widens and becomes flatter, thus offering a general view of the rest of the route.

The edge that is sharpened again, offers some nice step in excellent rock.

Escape possible slope N. we arrive at the key step of the crossing, made up of a razor blade followed by the "Cube", a square-shaped rock block placed on the edge (4a for the high ones, 4b/c for the small ones).

The ascending ridge widens and arrives by easy protrusions the antecima E.

By some air passage, to arrive at a characteristic breach.

We can easily reach the Grand Miceau Central summit on the SE-oriented slopes, avoiding the next steps. From the "characteristic gap", reach the right, by exposed plates (3c), the sharp edge borders the N face.

Follow the edge in excellent rock, some "râteaux de chèvre".

(III at most).

Impressive but easy Destrepe.

continue on the ridge bordering the N face.

climb the last ridge with dams before reaching, through a horizontal crossing, the Central summit of the Grand Miceau (2660 m, milestone). *many possible descent routes from the Central summit of Grand Miceau.

The most beautiful and most logical that follows the ascent of the edge of Cuchet is the route of the edge NW.

we do thus the crossing NE >> NW, a homogeneous and at the same time continuous comabination. [img=681755 right]Le Grand Miceau - NE Crossing >> NW[/img] ##Travesía cumbre Central >> cumbre W From the Central summit, follow W dexterity some easy protrusion in good rock, then by the horizontal and panoramic road, before going up a few meters and reaching the summit W (2635 m, milestone). ##Arista NW [NW Edge Review]( From the W summit, follow large stable rocky blocks to the somewhat descending NW ridge, marked by green dots.

continue to the Miceau N pass (which we reach when the ridge becomes flatter), marked by a paequna gap evident. ##down From the pass, go down the channel E and cross the large granite rock in the direction of lake 2233 m.

follow NNE for a descending crossing that leads to the path of the Alpages de la Grande Moutonnière (altitude 2073 m, stitches on the IGN map, yellow marks).

we arrive at Arpingon (chalet of Alpage), summit in the crossing.

follow the good path that leads to the Etaves.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._