The Inkovska smer route (Inca route) follows the gully between Mali Ozebnik and Vrh Zelenic, then reaches the sunny grassy areas of Mali Ozebnik's E ridge. This route is worth a winter visit.









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## Approach From the village of *Log pod Mangartom*, follow the route [[roads/671725|Čez Brežice through the Koritnica valley] to the high terrace under the last flank under the pass Čez Brežice.

The pass is on the right and the NW side of Mali Ozebnik is straight ahead.

Move the pierrier up to the left of the wall, until the beginning of the trunking between Mali Ozebnik and the neighbouring Vrh Zelenic. ## Track # (IV+/III, 300 m, 4 to 5 hours) L# | IV+ | Goulet, then avoid the difficulty by the slab on the left (IV+, key passage).

When you turn right, turn right. L# | III+ | Exit the Narrows and walk along the overhangs on the right.

Piton to the relay. L# | IV | Slab, turn right into the gully, then back (IV) and relay. L# | III |Right away towards the beginning of the next bottleneck. L# | II/III | Goulet to the overhang/niche. L# | IV | Avoid overhanging the slab on the left (IV) and then back into the gutter (III).

Go under the stuck block and exit on the right. L# | IV | Sinuate to the right along steep, grassy terrain until the beginning of the next Narrows. L# | IV- | Do not take into the gutter, but turn right (III) towards a small turn under a roof.

Follow the turn (IV-). L# | III+ | Bypass the roof from the right (III) and follow the turn to the left, then go up along the top rocks (III+) and exit on ridge E. Lengths of 50 m, the last one with extension cord. [img=678352 center]Mali Ozebnik : Inkovska smer, IV+/III, 300 m (winter view)[/img] ## Descent Two options: 1.

Go down into the basin by pouring S (crapahutage), first taking diagonally to the right (SW).

Go up the piercing stone on the other side of the pool and turn right (feel in the piercing stone), towards the breach [[waypoints/781249|Škrbina za Gradom]].

From the rift, follow the route to the [[roads/786870|col Čez Brežice], and from the pass Čez Brežice, continue the descent along the route through the Koritnica valley which passes again at the foot of the road (see Approach). 1.

Reach the summit by ridge E, then descend towards the S by an unmarked and not very visible path, but rather easy and short that goes down in bends along the upper slope of the partially grassy E face, towards the gap *Škrbina za Gradom*.

Then as above.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._