Spectacular east facing bowl skiing!









The Bowl, every ski area has a bowl and Big Sky is no different.

This is a huge run and as you may have guessed, shaped like a bowl with a variety of different lines to take.

The lines skied under the chair or close to the chair are the steepest, further right past the only island of trees it gets less steep.

The snow conditions change daily on this run, most of the time there are small wide spaced moguls, other times the wind blows the moguls away and it is fun wind buffed chalky snow.

If lucky enough to be on the chair early on a powder day the bowl is a fantastic powder run! Avoid this run in flat light as there are few trees or rocks to give definition and many people get vertigo.

Although if working on skiing technique it is a fantastic place to practice skiing by feel rather than visual.

The bowl is also great practice for the tram, if nervous about what to expect off the top, though the pitch is steeper and longer off the tram, visibility and snow conditions can be similar.

The bowl is a must!