Labirint (labyrinth) passes through the central part of the upper part of the N face of the Rjavina.









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## Access Kot Valley: Lengarjev Rovt clearing (alt approx.

980 m). ## Approach # 4h From Lengarjev rovt, follow the signposted and developed path, signposted Dom Valentina Staniča (or Staničev dom) which goes up the Kot valley on its right bank (the only signposted path from the car park).

Pass a small spring at 1340 m, pass the rocky outcrops and reach the terrace at the foot of the wall (Debeli kamen, the big block, approx.

1700 m).

So far about 2 hours. Mount the scree block on the right, along the wall over a height difference of approx.

200 m. *From here, see the plots in the External Resources below (green line in one, 57 then 59 in the other). Approach the wall when a system of turns allows it (difficult start).

Cross the entire N face diagonally to the left, passing through the upper turns without the difficulty exceeding the UIAA I-II (a single delicate passage in III- during the crossing of the central corridor).

Aim for the large pillar on the upper left side of the wall.

The 1<sup>re</sup>length starts in the middle of the pedestal under this pillar.

The crossing of the W-E wall takes place in a vertical drop of approx.

200 m. ## Track # (VI+/IV-V, 350 m, 8h) L# | IV- | Mount (III) then obliquely on slabs (IV-) to the bottom of the large pillar. L# | V- | Cross diagonally to the right along the obvious hand crack (V-). L# | II | To the right around the corner and follow to the bottom of the huge chimney. L# | IV | Large chimney (IV).

Relay on the stuck block or (better) continue on the slab until it turns out of the chimney. L# | IV | Cross to the right around the pillar (IV/II) along an interrupting turn. L# | II | Continue crossing and go straight up (II) to the bottom - the top of the central corridor on the face. L# | V | Exit from under the overhang by crossing left (III) to the ridge, then go up on slab (V) to an inclined turn.

Extend to the right. L# | VI+ | Cross to the right along the curved slab (VI+) and exit by climbing down a chimney. L# | IV | Chimney (IV), exit left and follow the road (III+). L# | V- | Crack oblique to the right (V-). L# | I/II | Easy rocks to the top. ## Descent # 3h → parking Follow the marked path along ridge W.

Soon, at the fork (straight ahead: Valentin refuge Stanič), leave the ridge and follow the signs on the right (NW), signposted Pekel - Kot (via ferrata type).

At the bottom of the wall, take the Kot Valley path on the right to go back to Debeli kamen (see approach).<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._