Beautiful SW edge, with beautiful views over Grosshorn, Anungletscher uy to the Nesthorn chain / Breithorn / Bietchhorn









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##Access Just after Anensee under the Anenhuette, take the path that exits on the left on the grass (do not follow the blue white itinerary that exits towards Hollandia).

arrives at the moraine that climbs steeply in direction of the foot of the edge SE of Jegichnubel. towards 2750, go down the rock marked "Anenlücke", leave this moraine and cross in the direction of the SW edge of Jegichnubel (blue arrows marked "Jägichnubel"). to the corridor between points 2962 and 2966, approaching you see a red arrow towards the middle of the corridor : it is the beginning of the road.

climb the easiest corridor (not very stable) to the foot of the arrow. [img=565080 right]Jegichnubel[/img] ##Arista SW Itinerary marked with spits by there are and meetings to link.

so we can throw long until the cumlbre, but the moderate difficulties allow also to climb in ensemble.

The first 3 lengths are the most "vertical". Two lengths (the first makes 40 m) allow reaching the camlno at the edge.

3<sup>er</sup> length allows reaching point 2966.

after an easy dexterity NW side, several lengths follow the edge of the edge almost horizontal and sharp. The last long ones, also more vertical but without much difficulty they allow to arrive soon to the summit. ##Arista SE Exit in the direction of the SE ridge, walking to a linked meeting.

From that meeting, some easy long spits.

we reached a meeting with chain, which allows if necessary to pass the short stretch of dexterity that follows (III) rappelling.

we can also put a ribbon on that short step for the second. When the descent becomes vertical and difficult, look for the 1<sup>era</sup> reunion with chain (milestone). Since then 4 rappels of 25 m (to the same S) allow to arrive at a small hill from where we arrive at the path in the moraine. The last rappel is more than 25 m ; there are 3 m left for dexterity : watch out!<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._