Route on 3 different types of rocks: quartzite, schist and limestone.









FATMAP difficulty grade



## Approach # 1h From the parking lot of the Petit Mont Cenis pass (end of the road), take a road (but not very marked at the beginning) heading towards La Crosta and the S side of the Pointe de Bellecombe, you may have to cross fences.

We quickly reach the HV pylons we cross, we reach a fork in the road, then turn left (down).

When the road ends, follow the pale pink lines and some cairns crossing towards the S side of the 2643 m point.

The trace is often light but visible and crosses on its side almost always at iso-altitude.

When reaching the foot of the S side, locate a large SSW pillar striped with a black schist layer.

An area of ochre rock with a vertical crack of 5 to 10 m is at its foot, it is the start of the track that starts 15 m to the right of the crack.

A dot in a pink circle marks the start, a plate is at eye level. ## Route # 5h L#1 | 4b | | | Start in a dihedral and follow the thread of a pillar on the right.

Long length.

|| L#2 | 4c | | | Tile taken from the center of the wall.

| L#3 | 5c | | | S-shaped length that goes around an overhang on the right and then returns to the left (2 steps of 5c).

| L#4 | 5b | | | Departure in ascent to the right then ascend.

| | L#~ Follow the turn to the right (1 point). L#5 | 5b | | | Reach the upper turn (no points until it is turned) then straight up.

| L#6 | 4b | 2pt | Reach the upper turn by moving the large blocks up to the right.

| | L#7 | 6a | | | Length in fissure/dihedron, very well equipped.

| L#8 | 5c+ | | De-escalate to reach the left turn, cross the corner then go up the corridor and climb the smooth slab (first point at the bottom of the smooth slab).

| L#9left | A0/6a | | | 5 m from A0 at the start then a superb slab length.

| L#9right | 6bc/6aA0 | | | Departure in ascent to the right.

| L#10 | 4a | 3pt | Follow the edge and then move up the chimney to the center of the corridor on its left side. L#11 | 3 | 3 | 3pt | Reach the air ridge on the right and follow it to the top.

| ## Descent # 1h From the top, descend into the valley behind towards the Col de Bellecombe following white squares painted on rocks and cairns, then head towards Lake Mont Cenis to the Mestrallet farm (more or less marked path) where you reach a wide path leading to the Col du Petit Mont Cenis road.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._