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##Approach ##### 1h From the Baou mountain pasture or the car park a little further down the road, reach point 2320 of the road and go up the valley towards Pain de Sucre, pull to the right on grassy/stony slopes a little steep until you reach a pass at W de Comba (~2500). Follow the ridge towards the W, not very difficult, some spits in place, and reach a wide grassy slope with a slight slope that you go up by pulling to the left.

The route runs along the secondary ridge on the left and begins a few dozen metres above the first rocks. There is a big cairn at the bottom of the ridge, go up the ridge a little bit by the right oar the lawns (DO NOT FOLLOW THE LEFT TRACE); for the beginning of the track: a ring of white rope in place at the foot of a gendarme. ##Escalade #### 3 at 4am [Ushers' Topo]( L# | 4+ | Go around the gendarme from the left then attack a steep jump, relayed on spits at the top of the jump. L# | | | Short horizontal transition not very difficult until the foot of the next jump, relayed on spoiler. L# | 4+ | Straight over the relay by a wide crack and then by a succession of not very difficult walls.

A big friend useful to protect the start and then it's spit.

Relay on spits. L# | 3 | Crossing about horizontal on an aerial razor.

Relay on spits. L# | 4 | Length not very sustained and a little grassy, some spits at the beginning then nothing but not very difficult.

Relay on 2 spits at the foot of the next jump. L# | 5 | | Stiff crack at first well protected (spits) then easier, some walls.

Relay on spits at the top of the last wall. L# | | | Horizontal transition to the right, not very difficult, the relay (rope ring) is behind a small bifid gendarme that we cross. L# | 3+ | Short cracked jump.

Then we go up grass slopes, we can pull to the right to go up some more beautiful small steep walls.

We're not far from point 2797. Follow a cairneous path to the left which then turns to the right.

A small jump of a few meters is crossed by a small abseil (2 rings in place) or a de-escalation (3 m in 3).

We arrive on the large flat covered with blocks that we cross before climbing to the foot of the summit building. L# | 4 | Follow the rather fine edge at first, the third spit is difficult to find ( at the top of a bump).

After the third spit follow the left part of the ridge, about 1 m from it and to the right of a dihedral that can be used from time to time.

Relay on spits on the right at the top of the dihedral, before a weak rocky area (Possible to do the 2 lengths in one but beware of the draw and 53 m length) L# | 4 | Cross to the left and follow the ridge (beautiful airy atmosphere), pass some terraces and walls.

Not far from the summit.

Relay on spoiler or on 2 spits at the bottom of a small descent (aerial breach). L# | 4 | Follow a very sharp ridge (aerial) then a few steps to the top (spits). ##Descending ##### 1h Go down a corridor/burststone by pouring NNE (cairns and traces of path) then cross to the left in a block field until a flat then to the right by slopes NOT very difficult (go around some bars on the right).

We catch up on the path we follow to point 2582.

You can then continue along the path to Baou or turn right at the Tour des Fous into a ravine from which you leave via a fixed rope on the right bank.

At about the level of the Crazy Tower, take a grassy turn that crosses to the right to pass a small bar.

We then reach the ascent valley. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._