FATMAP difficulty grade



From **Arnoga 1874m** with dirt road to reach the **Cascina di Verva 2123m**.

From the farmhouse, a marked path (faded marks) climbs to the Colle delle Pecore **2437m**.

From the hill, climb up an evident channel of grass and debris (tiring) that emerges a few meters to the S of the **Corno delle Pecore 2610m** (from here in short and easily accessible).

Then follow the easy ridge towards the **quota 2773m** (IGM); before reaching it, it is necessary to descend to a carving on not difficult but treacherous ground (beware!).

Continue in the direction of the ** 2881m** IGM, keeping below the ridge line on the W side.

When you reach the foot of it, avoid it towards the W with a crossing on easy but friable rocks.

You then easily return to the wire; you avoid a squat elevation, again towards the W, and then go over the ridge of the ** 2923m** IGM (2930m GPS).

Always near the wire, climb the 3081m GPS altitude (probable **3079m** IGM), the 3103m GPS, and finally the 3138m GPS altitude (**3135m IGM** altitude).

All with difficulty of I° and II°.

Now descend to an obvious depression by leaning a little to the W (elementary ground).

Then move to the foot of vertical rocks on the W side of the ridge, up to the base of an obvious, long dihedral.

It is passed directly; two lengths of rope on good rock, III° and IV°.

Then gain the ridge line as soon as possible by reaching the top of the Corno 3136m GPS (**quota 3139m IGM**).

Descend to the next carving without any particular difficulty and then continue along the ridge line with pleasant climbing (II° with short steps of III°-) up to Corno 3188m GPS.

A further section of wire climbing (II°) allows you to reach the top of the highest **Corni di Verva** 3202m GPS (not listed on IGM and CNS (!), listed 3197m on CTR Lombardy).

Then descend a few meters towards the S, up to an anchorage with two nails (to be checked!).

Lower down to another spike anchor.

New descent to the saddle (altitude 3162m GPS) between the **Corno di Verva** Maggiore and **Corno Sinigaglia**.

Start climbing again on the line on good rocks and with increasing difficulties (II°/III°) you reach a short distance from the **Corno Sinigaglia**.

A final stretch on simpler rocks leads to the NW peak.

After passing the next carving (II°), you reach the summit of **Corno Sinigaglia 3315m** (3313m GPS). From the summit of the **Senigaglia Horn**, descend for its easy SW crestone (just a few short steps of I°).

At about 3100 m, it also reduces the slope.

Then, in a more or less W direction, go along the wide debris slopes that, even if interspersed with some rocky jumps, allow to easily gain the pastures near the **Passo di Verva**.

Without any more problems, you arrive at the bottom of the valley, where you return to the **Cascina di Verva 2123m** and then to **Arnoga**.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._