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The SE slope is the easiest way to reach the top of the massif.

The beginning of Pandébano allows to cut the slope while we have a beautiful view of the massif passing at the foot of the Naranjo de Bulnès. ##Access from Pandebanum climbing to Urriellu shelter 2 h From the end of the passable track of Pondebano, arrive at Colláu de Pondébano 100 m above, then arrive towards the W to the village of La Tenerosa (several tracks, easy to get lost at night).

Since then, the path is well marked and continues in ascent towards the SW to Colláu Vallejo, from where we descend a little before the 400 m of final zigzag climbing to the refuge.

A longer but more beautiful itinerary is to leave from Poncebos (274 m) through Bulnes and the Balcosin corridor (T4, +1750m, 5h15). Ascent to the Horcada de L'Arenera 1 h From the refuge, go out towards the W (without a very marked path), pass some plaque of lapiés to return to a more marked path in the stones that leaves in ascent towards the NW under the Diente de Urriellu.

this trail leads over a cliff, and a chimney is discovered only at the last moment to reach the crest (~2160m) to the N of the Diente de Urriellu.

cross to the level towards the W then reach the Horcada de L'Arenera (2283 m) at the foot of the Torres Areneras. Crossing towards Hou Cerréu 3/4h From the Horcada de L'Arenera cross at the same level towards the S in the plates (some milestone, not climb) because follow tracks down something to reach a hill (2340 m).

is more or less the one that we see in the background the circus left from the Horcada.

From the pass, cross a slight descent towards the SW (some milestone, short step something exposed on a plate shortly after the start) to reach the funnel of the Hou Cerréu (we can follow a track that then goes down further to the S under the Tower of the Párdida).

we then arrive at the path that leaves the shelter of Los Cabrones near a wide pass. ##South SE of the Tower Cerredo 1 h pass some small steps (2) to reach slopes of tarteras under the summit that we go up towards the W until under a chimney corridor, that we draw by the N (small wall to the right at the beginning of the corridor in which we do not have much).

cross again over the corridor, and reach the somital crest in ascent towards the SW by plates (100 m in 2).

Itinerary with many milestones, in case of doubt always to the left. ##Descent The same or (much prettier) in the refuge of Jou Cabrones (path with milestones at the foot of the Pico de Cabrones : we go down something in a hole on the left before going up to the next pass from where you can see the refuge, short step exposed in a cornice).

From the refuge (guarded and solitary, beautiful environment), return to Bulnes by the chalets of Almuesa by a path with milestones (chains) then a good trail, many laps, count 3 h 30 to 4 h downhill...

then from Bulnes (cheap accommodation in bedroom in Peña Main or in room in Casa del Chiflon) in Poncebos by footpath or funicular, or return to Sotres by the good path of Collado de Pandebano. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._