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## Access # 1h30 à 2h From the pass of Puymorens, take to the S the track that leads to the foot of the chairlift of the peak of the Mine, or from the car park of the ski station, climb the track that leads to it.

the spur is then well visible, to the left of two dihedrals N.

take the SSW ski slopes and follow the ski lift poles until you find a path, above the block areas, which turn left, at the same level, in the direction of the Orry de la Vignole estany (cabin) that you leave on the right.

continue in the direction of the corridor that separates the Pico de Ballettes and the tip of the Vignolle to a grassy ledge.

turn left, contour a rock spur and climb a tartera to the foot of the spur, bordered on the right by a dihedral - characteristic fissure.

the beginning is located in this open dihedral, "fracturé" that presents a wide fissure.

GPS coordinates of the start : N42°31'44.28"", E1°46'43.60"". ## Itinerary L# | 3c | 45m | Raise the dihedral - fissure directly as the steps above rise to the left.

Equipped meeting (1 spit).

it is also possible to climb the steps all straight in the direction of a second vertical dihedral and to mount a meeting at the foot (2 pythons). L# | 4b | 45m | Go straight ahead and move slightly to the left at the end of the length.

Meeting on the left, under the dihedral - fissure (pythons). L# | 5b | 40m | Raise the dihedral directly, then to the right at the level of a small roof.

The dihedral then exits to the left, just below the spur thread.

Meeting equipped on a shelf in the dihedral (1 spit). L# | 5c | 45m | Stay in the dihedral.

One step at the beginning of the meeting (5c, 1 piton), then it's easier.

Meeting with a block at the exit of the dihedral. L# | 5b | 45m | Go to a fissure - vertical chimney (" renfougne" possible, 1 piton and 2 friends left) until a cornice that is crossed to the left.

Equipped meeting (2 pythons), Hidden behind a slab, 3m before a characteristic vertical fissure. L# | 5b | 45m | Up an aesthetic and vertical fissure (1 bong, Dülfer) and a fissure system going up to the left.

(4c at top CAFMA !) Meeting equipped (1 spit, 1 piton) under a fissure. L# | 4a | 45m | All straight on 10m then diagonally to the left (1 piton).

climb stairs going up to the left in the direction of an inclined dihedral.

Unequipped meeting at the foot of a small dihedral.

Possibility of combining the following length, but careful with the tugging (one solution : in ensemble). L# | 3b | 45m | Pass the short dihedral inclined and go straight ahead towards the summit.

you can avoid the dihedral on the left. ##Bajada Reach the great corridor at the W, between the peak of Baillettes and the tip of the Vignolle (1st corridor on the right when you reach the top).

return by the way of going.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._