Nice edge circuit, somewhat more difficult than in the [[routes/54625|sense E-W]], with 3 beautiful climbing lengths that correspond more or less to the rappels of the E-W crossing. An incredible panorama over the Tour, the Trient, the 4000 of Valais and the circus of the Finive and Tenneverge.









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##Access # 1 h 45 to 2 h from the parking lot From the Émosson dam parking lot (1965 m), go down the stairs to the reservoir, follow the dam pedestrian path and pass the other side of the road through the metal footbridge.

When the path turns right to follow the road that leads to the lac du Vieux Émosson and going up the path on the left following the course of the Veudale.

after 1 h of walk, the footpath goes down of a dozen meters and we arrive at 2 small dams of stones (2200 m).

take then to the left crossing the river, and by systems of easy cornices interspersed by some grassy paret (for there we follow a small path hitada) to arrive at a very pretty small lake (P.2282).).

Contour the lake on the left, and always following the footprints of the path, follow in the direction of SSE towards the breccia of the Perrons.

passing a stone quarry, we arrive at the breccia (2495 m). ##Travesia de l'Ifala from the breccia of Perrons go up the edge S of the tip of l'Ifala (2651 m) to the summit (a lot of walking, some gendarme to climb or draw).

From the summit, dexterity the edge E, very aerial (steps III) up to a characteristic block embedded.

go down slope N dexterity (IV) or by a rappel of 20 m (lines in the block embedded), then arrive at the Porte Vouilloz, the grassy pass that separates the Pain de Sucre from the Pointe de l'Ifala (2600 m). ##Travesía de la Pointe Vouilloz To reach the small gap that separates the Pain de Sucre from the Pointe Vouilloze, several alternatives: ###Alternative 1 # Direct ascent to the gap separating the Pain de Sucre from the Pointe Vouilloz From the Porte Vouilloz, go up a line of characteristic slabs/chimneys to the level of the breccia : a large 40 m long in IV with a 5a pass protected by a python.

Meeting with python in the breach. ###Alternative 2 # Crossing the Pain de Sucre by its SW edge From the Porte Vouilloz, easily reach a characteristic platform where the edge SW du Pain de Sucre is very straight (meeting by mounting on the ground on the platform).

Since then, cross 1 m to the right of the edge and climb vertically over 10 m (5a vertical and very exposed, difficult to protect).

The wall falls something (we can protect with medium friends), still climb something vertically then leave in right ascent on some meter (small rock bridge not so easy to see, carry a thin ribbon of dynema or a line of 5mm at most).

after the crossing, climb straight ahead following a system of vertical fissures in 5a/b, or cross something more to the right towards a kind of fissure/chimney (it seems a little easier but pulling).

then easily reach the summit of Pain de Sucre (length 45 m, meeting to be mounted on the blocks at the summit, optional intermediate meeting to be mounted after the crossing on plate).

From the summit of Pain de Sucre (2646 m), descend easily to the breach but some step II. ###Alternative 3 follow the edge of Pain de Sucre on the left and start halfway along a cornice going up the left hand.

A delicate step places on a bolt formed by a block of 2 m vertical half of that cornice.

(to carry one or 2 points of protection).

then to climb vertical until under the summit of the Pain de Sucre.

then to go down easily until the breach by some step of II. From the breach, reached by one of the alternatives above, climb about 3 meters following a system of fissures and cornices easy slope S, avoid the head of a highlight by the vertiebte N, and reach the platform above (meeting with spits in a large block).

some passage on large blocks lead to the edge without further difficulty to the tip Vouilloz (2672 m).

From the top, we go down towards the NE following the edge to a milestone (a step on a ledge on the left deserves a safe watchful - very narrow bank, small dams of hands - with a good block at its beginning).

From the milestone, or dexterity a system of small cornices zigzagging in the flank N (easy but exposed) to reach the Enclave des Perrons, or follow the ridge still a few dozen meters to a meeting with chain that allows rappel 25 m that deposits to the Enclave des Perrons (2605 m). ##Travesia by Grand Perron From the Perrons Enclave, a large length first in IV (we cross a rappel meeting with spits) then easier leads to the foot of a lying plate/dihedron.

Mount the plate (III+ fine) to reach the foot of a deep gap.

mount the meeting at the foot of the cleft and leave the backpacks that because you will have to hoist.

For a physical step in IV, enter the chimney and go up again following the easiest way following its half then its bottom (very narrow but good steps for the feet, more impressive than really difficult).

we pass under a big block and we arrive at a small terrace.

Since then, we can either follow directly through a fissure/dihedron arriving at a large landing (meeting with spit at the end of the landing) or climb the small wall directly above the meeting (somewhat expursto step in 5a easy to protger with a medium/large fisuero).

Since the meeting with spits, hoist the backpacks. *alternative Carmichael-Charlet : we can avoid the crack by circumventing the edge (before the plate) on the right to go up again along a fissure which is oriented to the right on 2 m then going up on 5 m to the left of a beautiful roof (5c/6a, un-equipped). From the landing, climb the next tower first through a fissure on the right, then through an easy but physical chimney (IV, meeting with chemists and artificial rock bridge over the dihedral.

Since then, follow the ridge without difficulty peculair up to the summit of the Grand Perron (2674 m).

From the summit, follow the ridge towards the NE (aerial, at a given moment we can take a slightly lower path to the drrecha del filo).

at one point, the aresta deflects a little to the right, and a few dozen meters beyond to a plate lying for dexterity reaches a small gap (we can circumvent the plate dexterity flank S of the ridge before the plate).

If we don't want to cross this summit, avoid it on the left by footprints on grassy slopes and go up to the gap between the 2 Aiguilles de Van (env.

2535 m). ## (Facultatif) Travesia de Aiguilles du Van S et N descending from the Grand Perron, before making the crossing under the needle of Van S described before, to arrive easily in the breach to the SW of this summit.

climbing a dihedral/chimney evident just to the left of the edge (III), we arrive at the needle of Van S (2578 m).

From the summit we go down dexterity N edge (step III, rock very slid in its inferior part) to arrive at the breach separating the 2 needles of Van.

Since then, we easily climb the summit N first along its S edge, first in left ascent, then right, and again left (II+/III).

From the summit (2572 m), return to the breach by the outward path. *alternative : we can go down the NE edge of l'Aiguille du Van N, to link the downhill cami a few hundred meters further down in the tarteras glens. ## Descent to Émosson from the gap separating the 2 Aiguilles du Van. From the breccia, descend an earthy corridor full of rocks, (advisable hull) then follow tracks to the left to reach a grassy ledge under the summit N of the needles of Van.

the path then descends to the right to reach the slopes of tarteras of the canyon below which we descend (tracks) until a first ledge.

pass that ledge and reach a second slope of rocks, which we descend (tracks) to its lower edge right bank.

A path (milestones) leads to a second, more imposing shoulder.

pass the shoulder first to the left then returning to the right (some II pass for dexterity, we enter from time to time spits and handrails).

At the foot of the ledge; follow the path between the rhododendrons (milestones) that descend to the right in the direction of the Loriaz path that leads to the Émosson dam.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._