The Kiener's route is one of the roads that start in the "Diamond" of Longs Peak and lead to the summit.









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##Up From Longs Peak Ranger Station (Longs Peak Trailhead), follow the trail that goes up to Chasm Lake (3 h walk to the shore W of the lake, where we find an excellent bivouac under a block of granite evident a few dozen meters above the water if we do the circuit in 2 days). From the lake, reach then climb on 300 m (crampons and ice axes necessary) the "Lamb Slide", snow corridor at 45° going up the left side of the E face. Allows you to reach the "Broadway", a cornice almost horizontal and easy but very exposed that leads to the base of "Notch Couloir".

(a very aerial step to pass over the vientro). Since then, 2 long verticals to the right of the corridor (the cross of the road is here), then leave diagonally towards the summit (in ensemble or without rope) avoiding the final chimney a few meters to the right of its base. ##Descent From the summit, exit at the same N following the edge of the Diamond...

lower the N-face (milestones) towards the plates and the visible col. A large ring just above the lower face plates (easy to find step). 2 rappels lead at the foot of the N face, then across the Boulder Field to the field, from where the descent road (very long) to the Rangers cabin. Another possible descent: through the Keyhole Route (still longer, but not exposed). <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._