FATMAP difficulty grade



The D- side track passing through all the projections, the hardest ones being avoidable, the rating can go down to AD-. ## Approach From Celliers, follow the Arpettaz road (fork 50 m after the 1<sup>er</sup>lace above Celliers-dessus).

You can drive up to the Logis des Fées (1839 m), but the most "profitable" is to stop at the 1710 m yaw. Take the path leading to Lac du Branlay (dry lake).

Go around the lake by the S (feel on the crest), then climb up to the Col des Paris Saint Jacques by a few waves on the left bank of the valley (a few red arrows with an R at the top of the valley). ## Track # 4 at 5am [img=709634 right][/img] The route still follows about the same line as the ridge. From the neck, follow the obvious spur, first lying down, staying as close as possible to the wire (3b). We climb a first jump in 4b where we start to meet spits. We then arrive at the bottom of a steep wall with two beautiful cracks, go up this wall (5b), 3 spits then exit on the right on a good terrace.

This wall is most probably avoidable from the right. Continue to follow the edge thread. Reach a jump with a flake (1 spit) by a short descending crossing on the right (spit + knotted rope in place).

Climb this scale (4b). Cross to the right on a turn and then climb the next jump by a beautiful steep dihedral (5) not equipped but easily protectable (a stuck friends), just before its summit escape through a terrace on the left (2 spits on the terrace).

You can also avoid the dihedral by climbing directly before crossing to the right and reaching the top of the dihedral. Cross the angle of the spur on the left and climb into a slightly lichenous slab (a piton and then a few spits) (4b). From the top of the jump, several possibilities: * Perform 2 reminders: a short reminder to reach a second reminder relay that allows you to descend directly to the breach. * carry out a rappel of about 25 m on the S side and reach the breach by the grassy turns * De-escalate first straight ahead and then turn towards W (delicate) Easily climb the last jump through a wide crack in ascendancy to the right (3b). We reach the NNE ridge at the level of the antecime N, follow it on the wire, in very good rock and well protected (no more spits).

It has several gendarmes who obviously climb to the last one. The last gendarme circumvents himself by the E from his foot.

We cross under the top (cords in the middle of the crossing) to go up the gendarme on the S side and join the wire. All gendarmes can also avoid each other by crossing a little further down the W side. A last jump of 10 m in native rock allows to reach the chaos of the summit block. ## Descent Follow the S ridge to the antecime S (II). Go down SE and find a wave feeling on the left (cairn).

Get off as best you can or by following the cairns.

Pull towards the E to pass the SE rump.

Go down to the Lay (lake) and then to the Branlay.

Several possible routes, depending on whether you prefer slopes, snow or mustard rocks.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._