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Beautiful edge, with good rock, allows to reach the top of the pic long by a healthy itinerary from Cap de Long ##Asension of Pico Maubic From Lake Cap de Long, follow a path (milestones) that circles the lake and descends to 2300m in the valley of Cap de Long.

Follow the path first on the right bank of the Cap de Long river, then cross it towards 2350m, to pass the waterfalls through the rocky hillock on the left bank (path less marked). you reach a small lake about 2590m (you can bivouac right bank), follow opposite by a track in the red terrains to reach the foot of the moraine of the glacier of Pays Baché (landing at 2790m).

climb the moraine left bank of the glacier, then straight ahead towards the summit of the peak Maubic (large blocks, plates). ##Pic Long NE Artist From the Maubic, the easy and aerial horizontal edge leads to the foot of the first gendarme. raise it to the left with a long (3b). From its summit, tapes for a small rappel not very comfortable (7m), a descalada up to the foot of the second gendarme, of clearer aspect (orange moss, paler rock).

to climb this gendarme in a long for the slope W, to the right (4c on 5m), meeting in the summit. Unclimb a few meters and reach the base of a large, dark projection of 30m or so; 3 fissures furrow at the beginning. The fissure on the right is more comfortable (3b) then climb the ledge over the edge of the edge (4b) that reaches a cornice, well visible from below, 15m easier take you to the top of the ledge.

mount the meeting here or better continue climbing to the right to find good blocks 15m higher (3b). follow the edge of the ridge, descend to a hill then follow an easy ascent in a terrain of unstable pebbles that allow to reach the ridge bastion. go up the ridge on the thread, passing through slope W (3b).

get to a small, sad, boxed circus, where you recover the thread of the ridge that you follow up to the top. ## Down to Pic Long's Hourquette From the summit of the Pic Long to the SE and note milestones that materialize the end of the great corridor S that descends to the easiest (footprints + milestones), rather than the edge is more technical. down the corridor S, when it becomes more vertical, cross to the left (SE) always going down to reach the Hourquette de Pic Long (3099m, rings to rappel in the glacier of Pays Baché), after passing a first breach also equipped with rappel rings. Since then two alternatives : 1) descent through the glacier of Pays Baché In one (or two depending on the level of snow) long rappel (or 3 rappels of 25m) ends in what remains of the glacier of Pays Baché.

Useful crampons at the beginning of the year (very vertical at the beginning, but there is no ice if you go towards the NW), at the end of the summer, the terrain is of tarteras on plates... you then reach the access path of the moraine by following the milestones in the blocks. 2) Crossing the Pico Badet From the Hourquette du Pic Long, follow more or less the floss of the ridge, follow the easiest terrain to the top of the Badet tooth (3135m), which descends easily through a chimney, towards a deep breach followed by a large ledge. milestones lead you to the left to pass this jodido; it is better to climb the highlight by a chimney corridor slope N (3b) which leads to the ridge, then reach the track (milestones) below the ridge to the left which leads to the summit of Pico Badet (3160m). To go down the Pico Badet, follow the crossing towards the SE by the thread (footprints + milestones, steps of 2). A last milestone in the thread marks the place where you pass slope W (to the right) on a dark red rock to follow an obvious good track that leads to some easy slopes slopes E. NE these slopes, held by a rocky buttress halfway between Pico Maou and Badet, and return to the outward path. <br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._