A mythical way of Corsica, a way "Krah"". A crack that scratches the N face of the Cintu in an exceptional rock, a major itinerary whose approach and descent make it complete and win a full day! Relays with sea view and down jacket!









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##Approach #approach #about 2h45 From the parking lot of the Ascu ski resort, take the Cintu hiking trail, which is also the new route of the GR20 since the dramatic accident of the Cirque de la Solitude: white-red mark to follow all along. Characteristic points encountered: footbridge of the Tighiettu torrent, some chains to reach the rocky shoulder under Capu Borba, until reaching Lake Argentu.

From there leave the GR20 and go up the scree under the N face of the Cintu (depending on the winter snow cover, presence of snow even in the middle of summer). Base: at the foot of the N face, by an easy climb, join the corridor going up on the left.

Go up about 50 m and then go to the stands on the right to reach the bottom of the crack where the track runs, 1 piton at the beginning of the crack. ##Itinerary #approximately 7 hours L# | 6a+ | 30 m | | | Go into the crack to the right of a kind of pillar.

At its top, continue in the crack on the right to take a step on a small step that leads to the relay on the left (2 peaks behind a block) or 3 m above it if the block does not inspire confidence (peaks). L# | 6c | 35 m | 4 pitons | Rise the crack above the relay which turns into an overhanging dihedral (crux).

At the exit of the slope (to be protected), continue the crack to find the relay on 2 pitons. L# | 6a | 50 m | 1 piton | Reassemble the crack, pass the slope to the left to find the relay on 3 pitons. L# | 6b+ | 45 m | 1 piton | Continue the wide crack, pass an overhanging, difficult to protect bulge and join a chimney-corridor easier to reach which leads to the large terrace where there is a ring of rope around a block for the relay.

Note: do not keep the bag for the frown, see the helmet.... The historical route goes out through 3 lengths in IV which unfolds on the left and are only very rarely done (escape). To stay in the same range of difficulty, it is better to go through the last two lengths of"[Impiastrone di a Luna](https://www.camptocamp.org/routes/53810/fr/monte-cinto-cintu-facette-nw-impiastrone-di-a-luna)". L# | 6a+ | 35 m | | | Above the relay block, climb up the beautiful red dihedral slightly overhanging then cross to the right (lying slab) to join another crack (easier) until reaching a suspended turn to make relay (1 piton). _Variant: Under the red dihedral, before crossing, a visible strap encourages you to go straight into the wide overhanging crack above and under the slope where the relay is built in the bulge.

Exit then by passing the overhang on the right (6a+) then following a crack to the edge. L# | 6a | 40 m | | | Climb straight over the relay into the crack and pull right to reach the top edge. From there, we reach the top of the Cintu by easy blocks. ##Descending #about 4 hours By the[roads/47440|normal track] of the Cintu following the large red dots.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike](https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/) licence._