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## Approach at the foot of the NE ridge of Rocher de l'Armet You must first access Plancol, for this purpose two departures are possible: - from the[[waypoints/115215|parking de Vaunoire]]* (1216 m, terminus of the Moulin Vieux road): follow the good path of the *Tour du Valbonnais-Beaumont* which runs along the Vaunoire stream to an altitude of 1614 m, where you cross it and finally reach Plancol - from[waypoints/128818|Col d'Ornon]]* (1367 m): 400 m S du Col, follow the *GR de Pays* which goes to the right (small path, some paint marks) towards the W and climbs quickly in the forest to reach Plancol *Note: access from the Col d'Ornon is shorter in distance, but it requires to go back up (+200m altitude difference)* [img=136530 right][/img] Leave the path and follow the grassy ridge that goes south of Plancol (a few traces) until you reach the base of the rocky ridge of the Armet rocks (about 2020 m). ## NE ridge to Grand Armet It is then sufficient to follow the more or less aerial ridge (large face of the Rochers de l'Armet on its left, sometimes impressive): at the beginning, passages of III or even IV which it is always possible to bypass by the right by engaging more in the W face.

This "difficulty" lasts only about 200 m and quite quickly, the less pronounced edge becomes less vertical too.

A succession of small steps leads to the summit of Les Rochers after a few years.

Continuing on the ridge towards the W, we can easily find the top of the Grand Armet (bollard) and its wide stony plateau. ## Descent Three possible options: - *by the [[roads/45483|normal skier's lane]] (side N):* A descent to be preferred at the beginning of the season or in winter because in summer, the retreat of the glacier has revealed many rocky slabs full of gravel and not always convenient. - *through the NW edge of the Grand Armet and the Combe Oursière collar* This descent is easier and more fun than the direct descent of the N face in dry conditions.

From the top of the Grand armet, follow the line of the NW ridge to La Grisonnière, then go down N on the[waypoints/116801|col de combe Oursière]].

(a few steps of easy de-escalation).

From the Pass, there are two possibilities depending on the desire and/or the access chosen: - Descent on the E* slope on the Vaunoire valley (path not very well marked, some cairns and yellow marks) up to the marked path of the Tour du valbonnais-Beaumont which leads without difficulty to Moulin vieux or the col d'Ornon by Plancol. - W* slope descends by a wave of zigzagging paths in the bars (cairns) to a flat spot around 2000 m.

From there, turn right onto the scree block leading quickly to the[waypoints/136487|cabane de Comboursière], from where a very good path leads directly to the terminus of the Moulin Vieux road via the Peychagny Forest.<br/><br/>_This Adventure has been shared under the [Creative Commons Share Alike]( licence._